Over the Top by Zig Ziglar Unlocks the Key to Realization of Your Life’s Big Dreams

By   Abhishek Jain   On   Jun 11, 2015   0 Comment

We all desire, happiness, good health, a reasonable amount of prosperity, and security. Over the Top, the best seller by Zig Ziglar tells you how to achieve all these from your life. The author draws from over 40 years of his experience as a world  Read More

Made to Stick Unlocks the Secret to Making Your Ideas Stick through ‘SUCCES’

By   Abhishek Jain   On   Jun 1, 2015   0 Comment

“Good ideas often have a hard time succeeding in the world.” If you want to make an idea reach and stick to the intended audience, ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath can be of immense help. This 2007 book is extremely popular  Read More

Crush It Shows How to Make Your Passion Your Work and Cash on It

By   Abhishek Jain   On   May 27, 2015   0 Comment

We all are passionate about one thing or the other. But how many of us have thought about using the natural energy and enthusiasm that our passion generates in us to make an enterprise out of it? Gary Vaynerchuk did and now he is telling  Read More

Marketing in the Age of Social Media – A New Book Decodes the Mystery

By   Abhishek Jain   On   May 19, 2015   0 Comment

There is no dearth of management books. Most of them recycle the same themes and theories but a few are literal gems. Jab, Jab, Right Hook falls in the latter category. This new marketing management book by Gary Vaynerchuk gives the whole idea of marketing  Read More

Using Fraud Prevention and Control to Keep Your Systems Uncompromised

By   Abhishek Jain   On   May 13, 2015   0 Comment

There is a flip side of everything and that includes technology. When used for its intended purposes, online marketing technologies can do wonders to your sales and revenue. There are black sheep in every industry but somehow, they seem to find their comfort zone in  Read More

How to Boost Business Prospects by Adapting the Path-Breaking Blue Ocean Strategy

By   Abhishek Jain   On   May 5, 2015   0 Comment

Every successful business, regardless of the sector and industry it belongs to, can attribute its success to powerful management strategies. Blue Ocean Strategy is a concept that many business managers follow to drive their enterprise to success. The core theory suggested by the authors of  Read More

Become a Smart Mobile Ecommerce Player with a Mobile Ready Website

By   Abhishek Jain   On   Apr 27, 2015   0 Comment

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer just a technological showpiece; it’s indispensable for your online business now. It is reported that as much as 60 per cent of all online searches comes from smartphones and other handheld devices. To recognize this important change in  Read More

Respond to Customer Needs Quickly and Accurately with Advanced BI and Reporting Systems

By   Abhishek Jain   On   Apr 21, 2015   0 Comment

There is a growing demand among businesses for actionable insight which is based on updated data. Access to this resource makes it possible for businesses to build a strong foundation for agile BI, operational reporting and real-time analytics. These are becoming highly imperative for accurate  Read More

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