The Growing Dependence of Small and Medium Sized Organizations on Business Intelligence

The requirements of a mid-sized organization, when it comes to Business Intelligence and analytics, are vastly different from that of a corporate. Small and mid-sized companies need solutions that are not only cost effective but scalable and easy to implement as well.

Mid-Sized Businesses Do Not Have Credible Options Available in Business Intelligence

It is generally seen that when it comes to accessing software, mid-sized companies are often handicapped by the lack of credible options. Business Intelligence solutions are often designed for the enterprise market and need expansive IT structures for their effective implementation and use. Limited budget and scarce internal resources often affect the ability of these companies to manage solutions and put them to practical use in various areas of operations.

Even with the recent shift in the Business Intelligence industry towards developing newer solutions for smaller players, the impression still remains that Business Intelligence is largely dedicated for the elite, major players within enterprise organizations. The question that is being asked is whether the needs of mid-sized enterprises will ever be met by Business Intelligence.

Solutions Are Now Being Created for Small Businesses

In recent years, Business Intelligence has been able to expand their innovations to create solutions targeted to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Business Intelligence is challenged by the fact that the mid-market solution landscape is fairly broad and what is being offered to this segment now more often than not resembles a subsidiary of what is already on the market. These solutions are being offered at a lower-than-average pricing.

The growth of the mid-sized company market has led to a situation, where some of these organizations are in a position to choose their way through the bouquet of options, are also able to demand a fair pricing model and user-friendly deployment strategies. It is becoming fairly clear that they now have a fairly decent subset of solutions to pick from and even have on-demand solution options at their disposal.

Medium-Sized Enterprises Now in a Win-Win Situation

With the market demands changing constantly, solution providers are trying their best to stay ahead of the curve and develop technologies that help companies stay up to the growing challenges of business and competition. Many businesses adopt developing Business Intelligence technologies routinely and find it extremely cost-effective in the long term. Newer solutions available for their needs are also quicker to deploy, putting them in a win-win situation.

Many small and medium business organizations have adopted these technologies and are regular users of niche Business Intelligence solutions on a daily basis. Professional administrators and managers have made it possible for these organizations to adapt these advanced solutions to match their business requirements in various areas.

Issues Still Haunting Small- and Medium-Sized Companies

Some small and medium companies are still unsure of how to use Business Intelligence to take their business operations to the next levels. The precise ROI benefits are also sometimes tough to measure. However, the benefits that BI brings to their business, in terms of easy availability of cutting-edge technology and interactivity, far outweigh other less favorable factors according to industry experts.

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